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  • HGTV Smart Home 2015 Wall-Mounted TV
    Loft With Wall-Mounted TV

  • Formal Dining Area
    Downstairs Formal Dining Area

  • Bold, Vibrant Colors in Eclectic Living Room
    Eclectic Living Room with Bold, Vibrant Colors

  • Stylish, Open Plan First Floor
    Tiny Home's Stylish, Open Concept First Floor

  • Bold, Blue Sofa in Loft Living Room
    Loft Living Room with Bold, Blue Sofa

  • Eclectic Office Space with Clearly Defined Areas
    Design Elements Define Areas in Eclectic Office Space

  • Outdoor Patio with White Lattice Fence
    Latticed Outdoor Room

  • Open Concept Living Room with Sectional to Maximize Seating
    Sectional Maximizes Seating in Open Concept Living Room

  • Eclectic Master Bedroom with Bright, Bold Bed Linens
    Bold, Bright Bed Linens in Eclectic Master Bedroom

  • Modern Basement with Neutral Living Area
    Neutral Living Area in Modern Basement

  • Nothing but Blue Skies

  • Open Concept First Floor with Italian Inspiration
    Italian Inspired Open Concept First Floor