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  • White Home with Black Accents
    Add Dark Definition

  • Definition Provided by Cabinet Above Vanity
    Cabinet Above Vanity Gives Space Definition

  • Industrial Kitchen with Brick Wall to Add Definition
    Brick Wall Provides Definition to Industrial Kitchen

  • Kitchen and Hallways Spaces with Definition
    Peninsula Adds Definition to Kitchen and Hallway Spaces

  • Seating Area Definition with Midcentury Modern Seating
    Midcentury Modern Seating Brings Definition to Seating Area

  • Home's Spaces Get Definition with Molding
    Door Frame Molding Helps Add Definition to Home's Spaces

  • Living Spaces Get Definition with Furniture Placement
    Furniture Placement Gives Definition to Open Concept Home's Living Spaces

  • Open Concept Living Space Gets Definition with Neutral Armchairs
    Neutral Armchairs Adds Definition and Seating to Open Concept Living Space

  • Open Concept Home with Ash-Colored Wood Accents
    Ash-Colored Wood Accents Add Warmth and Definition to Open Concept Home

  • Monochromatic Tile in Second Floor Laundry Room
    Second Floor Laundry Room With Monochromatic Tile

  • Neutral Living Room with Brown Leather Chair, Macreme Wall Art
    Neutral Tropical Living Room with Brown Leather Chair

  • Stylish Black and White Kitchen with Black Kitchen Island
    Sleek Kitchen Island in Stylish Black and White Kitchen

  • Seating for Four in Contemporary Dining Area
    Contemporary Dining Area with Seating for Four

  • Modern Dining Room with Seating for Eight
    Seating for Eight in Modern Dining Room

  • Beachy Living Room with Wicker and Metal Furniture
    Wicker and Metal Furniture in Beachy Living Room

  • Living Room With Blue Ottoman
    Gray Contemporary Living Room With Blue Ottoman

  • White Bedroom With Loveseat
    White Transitional Bedroom With Loveseat

  • HGTV Dream Home 2017: White Framed Mirror in Guest Bathroom
    White Framed Mirror