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  • An open floor plan with effortlessly defined spaces.
    Open Floor plan, Defined Spaces

  • Minimalist living room with glass partitions within the room
    Defined Spaces in a Minimalist Living Room

  • Flagstone Border in Backyard
    Flagstone Border Defines Backyard Spaces

  • beach house with deck
    Industrial Railings Define Outdoor Space

  • brick bungalow with contemporary backyard
    Stone Patios Define Entertaining Spaces

  • Defined Entertainment Spaces within New Modern Backyard
    New Modern Backyard with Defined Entertainment Spaces

  • Eclectic Office Space with Clearly Defined Areas
    Design Elements Define Areas in Eclectic Office Space

  • outdoor dining space
    Dining Space Defined By Symmetry

  • Mature Space with Defined Seating Area
    Defined Seating Area in Mature Space

  • Living Room and Dining Spaces Defined
    Defined Living Room and Dining Space

  • Neutral Bedroom with White Shiplap, Gray Wall, Rug and Blue Bed Linen
    Neutral Contemporary Master Bedroom with White Shiplap Paneling

  • traditional hallway
    Clean Lines Define Hallway, Outdoor Space

  • White Transitional Great Room
    White Transitional Great Room With Gray Chairs

  • Modern Artwork Above Navy Velvet Sofa
    Modern Artwork Helps Define Transitional Living Space

  • Key West Concrete Patio
    Key West Concrete Patio and Furniture

  • Neutral Living Room Defined by Comfy, Braided Wool Rug
    Comfy Wool Rug Defines Neutral Living Room Space

  • Open, Yet Defined Common Spaces
    Columns Create Open, Yet Defined Rooms in Silverleaf Estate's Common Spaces

  • Neutral Old World Bathroom With Silver Vessel Sink and Mirror
    Neutral Old World Bathroom With Silver Vessel Sink