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  • Large Neutral Mantel With Blue Backdrop Decorated for Christmas
    Dee Snider's Festive Mantel

  • Glass Ornaments With Peacock Feathers
    Dee Snider's Christmas Ornaments

  • Gingerbread house
    Dee Snider's Gingerbread House

  • Christmas lights on home's exterior
    Dee Snider's Holiday Lights

  • Wrapped Gifts Under Christmas Tree With Peacock Feathers
    Dee Snider's Christmas Presents

  • Chocolate Truffles on a Glass Tray
    Dee Snider's Truffle Display

  • Bright Christmas tree with peacock feathers
    Dee Snider Christmas Tree

  • Jar of Cider With Label
    Dee Snider Holiday Cider

  • Floral Bouquet With Peacock Feather
    Dee Snider's Holiday Flower Arrangement

  • Colorful Christmas Tree With Green Ribbon
    Dee Snider's Colorful Christmas Tree

  • Christmas tree with peacock topper
    Dee Snider's Christmas Tree Topper

  • Green Christmas Stockings With Peacock Trim
    Dee Snider's Festive Holiday Mantel

  • Large living room with two tall Christmas trees
    Dee Snider's Holiday Living Room

  • Dee Snider standing in living room
    Dee Snider at Home All Decked Out For the Holidays

  • Meg Caswell with Suzette and Dee Snider
    Dee Snider and His Wife Suzette with Designer Meg Caswell

  • Colorful garland on banister
    Holiday Garland

  • Wreath Made of Small Gold Ornaments and Purple Feathers
    Gold Ornament Wreath With Peacock Feathers

  • Tall Christmas Tree in Living Room
    Colorful Christmas Tree