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  • African Daisy 'Soprano'
    African Daisy 'Soprano'

  • Vase of White Flowers on Green Nightstand in Yellow Bedroom
    Daisies Adorn Green Bedside Table

  • Black-Eyed Susans and Daisies
    Daisies and Black-Eyed Susans

  • Coastal Bedroom With Daisy Bouquet
    Coastal Bedroom With Daisy Bouquet

  • Pink Daisy Flowers and Tree in Garden
    Pink Daisies Bloom in Early Autumn Garden

  • Flower Bed With White Daisies and Orange Ceramic Bowl
    Bed of Daisies With Orange Ceramic Bowl

  • White Ceramic Tea Pots & Serving Pieces With Daisy Centerpiece
    Vintage Tea Set With Simple Daisy Arrangement

  • Blue-and-White Pot With Yellow Flowers Beside Tree Bench
    Tree-Trunk Bench With Yellow Daisies in Blue-and-White Container

  • Gala Apples

  • Front Yard Flower Garden
    Home Garden With Birdhouse

  • Small Yellow Office With Vintage Desk, Typewriter and Framed Art
    Small White Desk With Typewriter and Chair

  • A planting bed next to a wood deck on the rear of a home
    Deck Framed by a Soft Planting Palette

  • Bouquet and Candlesticks
    Multicolored Bouquet and Candlesticks

  • Bathroom With Granite Countertops and Dark Stained Wood Vanity
    Transitional Bathroom With Granite Countertops

  • Chrysanthemum Fall Color
    Yellow Garden Mum

  • Outdoor Dining Table With Green Napkins, Orange Daises, Wine Glasses
    Alfresco Table Setting

  • Stoneware Vase Converted Into a Water Feature
    Stoneware Vase Converted Into a Water Feature