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  • Entryway With Metal Sign Black Wood Chair and Floor Lamp
    Gray Country Foyer With Custom Metal Wall Sign

  • Guest Spot

  • Contemporary Playroom With Custom Wallpaper
    Custom Wall Mural in Contemporary Playroom

  • Dining Room With Neon Sign
    Eclectic Dining Room With Neon Sign

  • Bedroom With Reading Nook And Custom Corner Built-Ins
    Master Bedroom Reading Nook With Built-Ins

  • Long Dining Table with Place Settings and Contemporary Light Fixtures
    Barn Home in the County: Formal Dining Room

  • Tropical Bedroom With Curtained Canopy & Thatched Ceiling
    Airy Bedroom Retreat With Curtained Bed

  • Neutral Dining Room with Floral Custom Wallpaper
    Neutral Midcentury Modern Dining Room with Custom Wallpaper

  • Modern White Bedroom With Gray Dividing Wall
    Modern Master Suite Bedroom With Marble Wall

  • Flatscreen TV and Inset Fish Tank
    Wall-Mounted Flatscreen TV and Inset Fish Tank

  • Dining Room With Marble Tabletop and Midcentury Modern Furniture
    Contemporary Dining Room With White Marble Tabletop

  • Pink Master Bedroom with Two Green Plant Wall Hangings
    Eclectic Pink Master Bedroom with Two Persevered-Plant Wall hangings

  • Bathroom With Gray Shower Backsplash
    Master Bathroom With Gray Shower Backsplash

  • Tan Bathroom With Round Window and White Marble Countertop
    Traditional Powder Room With Subtly Patterned Walls

  • Modern-Eclectic Stairway
    Modern Stairway Blends Eclectic Finishes

  • Bold Outdoor Accent Wall and Modern Fireplace
    Modern Outdoor Fireplace with Bold Black Accent Wall

  • Neutral Modern Bedroom With Dark Wood Nightstand
    Low, Modern Nightstand in Chic Master Bedroom

  • Italian Powder Room with Orange Accents
    Orange Accents Brighten Up a Contemporary Powder Room