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  • Lake House With Curved Roof
    Lake House Exterior With Curved Roof

  • White Roof and Solar Panels
    White Curved Roof With Solar Panels

  • Modern Home with Curved Wall
    Modern Home with Curved Wall and Pitched Roof

  • Craftsman Farmhouse Exterior In Stone And Brick With Wood Details
    Stone And Brick Craftsman Farmhouse Exterior

  • Rear Exterior and Porch
    Rear Exterior and Porch

  • Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Under Curved Roof Pavilion
    Outdoor Kitchen Under Arched Pavilion

  • Contemporary Neutral Gazebo
    Gazebo Style Covered Balcony With Octagon Wood Roof and Curved Benches Surrounding a Tile Fire Pit

  • Neutral Tudor-Style Home Exterior
    Neutral Tudor Home Exterior With Landscaped Front Yard

  • Neutral Colonial Exterior With Shingle Roof & Fluted Columns
    Front Porch of Colonial Home

  • Contemporary Exterior at Night
    Contemporary Exterior and Deck at Night

  • Modern Neutral Great Room
    Modern Mountain Great Room

  • Neutral Colonial Exterior With Stone & Shingle Siding
    Gorgeous Colonial Home

  • Modern House With Metal Roof
    Modern House Fits Woodsy Setting

  • White Mediterranean House Exterior
    White Mediterranean Home Exterior and Entryway

  • Contemporary Home Exterior With Curved Wall and Copper Door
    Home Exterior: Contemporary Luxury in Scottsdale, Ariz.

  • Southwestern Home With Drought-Resistant Landscaping
    Smart yet Beautiful Curb Appeal for Southwestern Home

  • Spanish-Inspired Home With Fence, Driveway
    Classic Spanish Home is Welcoming, Beautiful

  • Bathroom With Marble Countertop and Wall
    Marble Tile Highlights Curved Bathroom Wall