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  • Garage With Golf Green
    Crowd Pleaser

  • All-American Living Room Design From HGTV's Beach Flip
    Seating for a Crowd

  • Wedding Guest Sipping on Champagne
    Have a Crowd, Not Sides

  • Farmhouse porch
    Back Porch Comfortably Seats a Crowd

  • Long Black Dining Table at Restaurant
    Dining Table Fit for a Crowd

  • Holiday: Creamy Cocktail
    Crowd-Pleasing Cocktail: Uncle Billy's Holiday Treat

  • Buffet Table with Colorful Napkins and Paper Cups
    13 Tips for Setting Up a Crowd-Pleasing Buffet

  • Buffet Table with Paper Cups and Plastic Ware
    13 Tips for Setting Up a Crowd-Pleasing Buffet

  • A stone outdoor covered kitchen and dining area
    A Contemporary Outdoor Dining Space Fit for a Crowd

  • Basketball Court
    Indoor Basketball Court

  • Items stored Under Table
    Concealed Storage Supply

  • Boy's Bedroom With Sports Mural
    Boy's Bedroom With Sports Game Mural

  • Bread in Long Weaved Baskets
    Long Bread Baskets

  • Hot Dogs on Cake Plater
    Cake Plates

  • Serving Spoon Next to Fruit Dish
    Spoons And Scoops

  • Cheese Platter with Identifying Flags
    Cheese With Wine

  • Copper Colander Used as Serving Bowl
    Risers And Unique Vessels

  • Watermelon Slices in Casserole Vessels
    Casserole Vessels