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  • Dry Creek
    Dry Creek

  • Bridge Over Creek
    Bridge Over Creek

  • All natural stone slab bridge over creek
    Stone Bridge Over Creek

  • Dry Creek and Succulents
    Dry Creek With Succulents

  • Porch and Creek View
    Porch With Creek View

  • Alpharetta: Big Creek Greenway

  • Creek and Fireplace
    Creek and Patio With Fireplace

  • Bridge Over Dry Creek Bed
    Bridge Over Dry Creek Bed

  • Hot Tub and Creek View
    Hot Tub With Creek View

  • Logs for child play and recreation
    Logs as Bridges Over Creeks

  • Dry Creek Bed and Stone Walkway
    Landscaping Around Dry Creek Bed

  • Backyard waterfalls and other natural water features for homeowners
    Dual waterfalls feeding into a creek

  • Residence on Aberdeen Creek
    Waterfront Stone Residence on Aberdeen Creek

  • Modern Backyard with Creek
    Modern House and Gardens Beside Creek

  • Patio and Creek
    Patio and Fire Pit With Creek

  • Eclectic Backyard With Privacy Trees
    Beautiful Backyard With Dry Creek Bed

  • Fireplace and Stairs to Creek
    Outdoor Fireplace and Stairs to Creek

  • Lush Landscape With Waterfall, Stumps & River Rocks
    Backyard Waterfall With Dry Creek Bed