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  • A cottage style landscape that compliments the stately architecture.
    Cottage Landscape Vignette

  • This cottage style landscape offers a dramatic but tranquil flare.
    Cottage Landscape Vignette

  • This home features lush landscape to compliment the brick walkway.
    Gorgeous Cottage Landscape

  • One of the hallmarks of a cottage landscape is movement in your beds.
    Cottage Landscape - Add Curves

  • A natural stone walkway, lush landscape and warm exterior.
    Cottage Exterior with Lush Landscape

  • Charming Front Yard and Cottage Home
    Cottage Home With Lush, Colorful Landscaping

  • Tudor Exterior With Red Door and Green Roof
    Tudor-Style Cottage With Front Yard Landscaping

  • Small Gray Home With Metal Roof
    Small Farmhouse-Style Cottage Features Simple Landscaping

  • Front Yard With Brick Pavers and Green Landscaping
    Front Yard Landscaping of Cottage-Style Home

  • After of Neutral Exterior With Brick Pathway and Red Windows
    Quaint Cottage-Style Home Exterior With Beautiful Landscaping

  • Traditional Cottage Entryway Garden With Brick Paths
    Traditional White Cottage Entrance With Brick Pathway And Crepe Myrtles And Cottage Landscaping

  • English Cottage Exterior With Landscaping, Red Brick & Gray Shingle
    English Cottage Home Boasts Of Stunning Brick, Gray Shingle and Rolling Landscaping

  • White Cottage Outdoor Living Room
    Outdoor Cottage Garden Patio With Seating

  • White Cottage Farmhouse And Guest Cottage With Traditional Accents
    Modern White Cottage Main House and Guest Cottage With Farmhouse Details

  • Flagstone Walkway With Cottage Garden Ferns And Lighting
    Cottage Garden Flagstone Walkway With Lighting And Ferns

  • Modern White Cottage With Traditional Details
    Modern White Cottage Main House With Guest House And Carriage House

  • Neutral Exterior With Cedar Shingle Siding & Olive Green Front Door
    Rustic Style Home With Curb Appeal

  • Cottage Garden With Brick And Landscape Lighting
    Cottage Garden Detail With Brick Path And Duck Sculpture Accent