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  • Corn Plant, African Violet, and Seashell in Porch
    Corn Plant and African Violet With Whelk Shell on Front Porch

  • Corner Dining Nook
    Corner Dining Nook With Plant

  • eclectic living room with hanging plants
    Hanging Plants in Light-Filled Living Room Corner

  • Neutral Contemporary Living Room With Plant
    Corner of Neutral Contemporary Living Room With Plant

  • Front Yard Rain Garden
    Shady Corner Rain Garden

  • All-America Selections winner ‘Honey Select’ Sweet Corn
    ‘Honey Select’ Sweet Corn

  • A property renovation transforms an underutilized yard into a woodlands area with a southern courtyard, fountain and entertainment space
    Border shrubs, potted plants and stonework accent this private corner of a reconfigured side yard

  • Create a cozy corner to read with a daybed and a fiddle leaf fig.
    Cozy Corner with Colorful Daybed

  • Mediterranean Stone Exterior With Spanish Tile Roof
    Shaded Corner of Mediterranean Backyard

  • formal garden with white arbor
    Arbor, Flowers Make Charming Corner

  • Light Corners with Bright Objects
    Bright Objects Keeps Corners Light

  • Bar Cart and Plant
    Bar Cart With Plant

  • Lap Pool with Brick Corner Pier
    Lap Pool with Brick Corner Pier

  • Green Tropical Bathroom
    Green Tropical Bathroom With Plants

  • White Living Room With Curved Sofa, Gray Coffee Table and Chandelier
    Contemporary Living Room With Curved Corner Sofa

  • Midcentury Modern Living Room
    Cozy Corner in Midcentury Modern Living Room

  • Neutral Eclectic Living Room Window Seat
    Eclectic Living Room With Corner Window Seat

  • strolling garden with reflecting pond
    Reflecting Pond Surrounded By Plants