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  • Family Room with Conversation Space
    Conversation Space in Family Room

  • Poolhouse with Bar and Conversation Space
    Bar and Conversation Space in Poolhouse

  • Backyard Corner Conversation Space
    Intimate Conversation Space in Corner of Backyard

  • Conversation Space in Stylish Sitting Room
    Stylish Sitting Room Makes a Great Conversation Space

  • Blue Open Plan Dining Room
    Easy Conversation

  • Matte Black Animal Statues
    Creating a Wintry Luxe Holiday Dining Space: Conversation Starters

  • Transitional Living Room With Armchairs and Contemporary Table
    Transitional Reading, Conversation Nook

  • Rustic Poolside Pergola
    Rustic Outdoor Conversation Area

  • Master Bedroom with Conversation Corner
    Conversation Corner in Master Bedroom

  • Eclectic Foyer with Conversation Pieces
    Conversation Pieces in Eclectic Foyer

  • Neutral, Transitional Sitting Area With Artwork
    Transitional Sitting Room Invites Conversation

  • Green Living Space With Striped Banquette, Modern Art, Black Stools
    Eclectic Living Space With Striped Banquette

  • Large Wall Map and Booth Dining Area
    Large Wall Map Provides Focal Point and Conversation Piece to the Space

  • Backyard with Brightly Colored Conversation Vignettes
    Brightly Colored Conversation Vignettes in Backyard

  • Tuscan Courtyard and Fire Pit
    Conversation Area in Tuscan-Inspired Courtyard

  • Eclectic Sitting Area With Quilted Animal Hide Rug and Chandelier
    Eclectic Salon a True Conversation Piece

  • Lounge Room With Wine-Colored Walls and Pool Table
    Room Offers Space for Games, Cocktails and Conversation With View of San Francisco Bay

  • Two Maroon Chairs and Round Table in Corner of White Room
    Light-Filled Conversation Nook With Midcentury Chairs