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  • Outdoor Wicker Dining Chair
    Contrasting Textures

  • Contrasting Textures in Sofas and Marble Table
    Textured Sofas and Marble Table Top Blend Contrasting Textures

  • Modern Living Room with Smooth Coffee Table to Add Contrasting Texture
    Smooth Marble Coffee Table Adds Contrasting Texture in Modern Living Room

  • Casual Family Room with Contrasting Patterns for Texture
    Contrasting Patterns Add Texture to Casual Family Room

  • Contrasting Colors and Textures bring Exotic Look
    Exciting Contrast of Colors and Textures

  • Set of Stainless Steel Doors With Bank of Brown Drawers in Between
    Stainless Steel Pantry Doors

  • Unique Guest Bedroom with Soft Textures and Edgy Contrast
    Soft Textures and Edgy Contrast Create Unique Guest Bedroom

  • Kitchen With Layered Textures and Materials
    A Kitchen With Varying Textures

  • Neutral Stone Vessel Sink on Floating Wood Base
    Contemporary Vessel Sink With Wood Base

  • White Modern Exterior And Backyard
    White Modern Exterior

  • Contemporary Black Table
    Closeup of Black Ceramic Table With Textured Bumps Beside Wicker Sofa With Fuzzy Throw Blanket and Contrasting Pillow Colors

  • Cherry Red Chairs in Modern Sitting Area
    Modern Sitting Area

  • Orchid, Driftwood and Coral on Neutral Living Room Coffee Table
    Earthy Elements in Coastal Seaside Living Space

  • Cozy Dining Room
    Eclectic Dining Room

  • Open Concept Living Room
    Eclectic Open Living Room

  • Array of Textures in Contemporary Living Room
    Neutral Contemporary Living Room with Array of Textures

  • White Contemporary Dining Room & Open Plan Kitchen
    Stunning Kitchen & Dining Room Feature Strong Geometry & Contrast

  • Luxury Living Room with Retro Flair
    Luxury Living Room with Retro Flair