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  • White Eclectic Living Room With Built-In Entertainment Center
    Eclectic Living Room Blends Vintage and New

  • Contemporary Gray Living Room
    Bright Red Accent Pieces in Gray Contemporary Living Room With Vintage Media Cabinet and Large Area Rug

  • Gray Modern Sitting Room With Orange & White Vinyl Chairs
    Bluestone-Tiled Sitting Room With Vintage Vinyl Armchairs

  • Birch, and yellow and orange laminate cabinetry in a midcentury home.
    Vintage Serving Piecse and Cookware Inspire a Kitchen Remodel

  • Open Dining Area With Multicolor Art and Vintage Chandeliers
    Open Dining Area With Multicolor Art and Vintage Chandeliers

  • Urban Restaurant Bar With Fireplace and Exposed Ductwork
    Urban-Style Bar With Vintage Fireplace & Warm Wood Floors

  • Reading Nook With Hanging Egg Chair
    Reading Nook With Vintage Blue Drawer and Hanging Egg Chair

  • Kitchen Breakfast Nook With Colorful Artwork and Yellow Placemats
    Contemporary Kitchen Breakfast Nook

  • Large Metal and Crystal Chandelier
    Contemporary Meets Rustic Chandelier

  • Contemporary Neutral Breakfast Nook With Spacious Banquette
    Contemporary Breakfast Nook Banquette

  • Traditional Living Room With Christmas Decorations
    Traditional Living Room Decorated for Winter With Vintage Skis and Sled

  • Classic and Unique Details in Living Space
    Blue Rug and Vintage Details Make Living Space Classic and Unique

  • Gray Contemporary Dining Space With Blue Metal Chairs
    Chic Gray Dining Room With Rustic Table and Vintage Metal Chairs

  • Black And White Bedroom Detail With Vintage Vanity Table
    Modern Black And White Bedroom With Vintage Vanity Table With Gold Chair

  • Vanity Table With Contemporary Mirror And Sconces
    Vintage Table Vanity With Modern Mirror And Wall Sconces And Gold Chair

  • Foyer With Colorful Rug
    Contemporary Foyer With Colorful Rug

  • Bedroom With Cream Bed
    Contemporary Bedroom With Cream Bed

  • Kitchen With Green Ceiling
    Contemporary Kitchen With Green Ceiling