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  • Yellow Contemporary Office With Chevron Rug & Built-In Black Bookcases
    Contemporary Study Features Criss-Cross Bookshelves

  • Red Contemporary Study
    Contemporary Study with Saturated Red Walls

  • Blue Pendant Dome, Blue Rug & Yellow Chairs in Contemporary Library
    Bright Blue Feathered Pendant Light in Contemporary Study

  • Brown Home Office Glass Desk With Abstract Art and Glass Vases
    Contemporary Study With Abstract Art and Glass Vases

  • Hanging Bubble Chair in Black Contemporary Kids' Study
    Hanging Bubble Chair in Contemporary Study for Growing Kids

  • Contemporary Neutral Study
    Contemporary Neutral Study With White Loveseat

  • Contemporary, Neutral Home Office With Photographs
    Contemporary, Open Study With Stunning Photography

  • Teen Living Space With Chalkboard-Painted Walls and Green Accents
    Bold Black Contemporary Teen Study With Green Accents

  • Pink Kid's Bedroom with Study Nook Desk and Built-In Window Seat
    Contemporary Pink Kid's Room With Study Nook

  • Gray Contemporary Home Office
    Gray Contemporary Home Office With Fireplace

  • Contemporary Study With Blue Bookshelves & Graphic Armchair
    Sophisticated Study With Light Blue Shelving & Contemporary Armchair

  • White Contemporary Study With Wall of Bookshelves
    Contemporary Library With Eclectic Accents

  • Neutral Contemporary Home Office With Fireplace & White Chairs
    Neutral, Contemporary Office Features Two-Sided Fireplace

  • Custom Upholstered Zebra Bench
    Custom Upholstered Zebra Bench

  • White Contemporary Living Space
    Modern Console a Study in Symmetry

  • Blue-Gray Study With Photo Art, Neutral Chair and Antiques
    Rich, Eclectic Study With Modern Photo Art

  • Study with built-in wood wall cabinet, in a masculine design.
    Elegant Wood-Paneled Study with Built-in Cabinets

  • White Pendant Light in Black and Green Contemporary Young Adult Study
    Bold Color, Fun Modern Lighting in Kids' Green Study