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  • Different materials and texture give this house a special feel.
    Contemporary Exterior

  • Concrete Fireplace Flanked by Wood-Framed Chairs
    Contemporary Warmth

  • Contemporary Green Master Bathroom with White Shelf
    Contemporary Storage

  • Bathroom Sink and Shell Mirror
    Contemporary Sink

  • Bathroom Faucet With Contemporary Design
    Contemporary Faucet

  • Tub in Contemporary Bathroom
    Contemporary Bathtub

  • Neutral Contemporary Bedroom
    Contemporary Bedroom

  • Guest Bedroom With Fern
    Contemporary Retreat

  • Guest Bedroom With Purple Throw
    Contemporary Calm

  • Arched Entryway Leads to Stairwell
    Contemporary Stairs

  • Pop of Sophistication
    Contemporary Entryway

  • Black and White Bathroom With Horse
    Contemporary Flair

  • Colorful Contemporary Kids Room
    Colorful Contemporary

  • Four White Barstools
    Contemporary Stools

  • Contemporary Condo
    Contemporary Condo

  • Contemporary Bathroom
    Chic Contemporary

  • Contemporary Library With Gallery Wall
    Contemporary Library

  • A black chandelier with gold lampshades.
    Contemporary Glam