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  • Brown Rustic Patio and Fire Pit
    Multi-Level Terrace with Fire Pit, Outdoor Kitchen

  • Neutral Rustic Bedroom
    Neutral, Rustic Bedroom with Mountain Views

  • White Transitional Sitting Room
    Neutral Sitting Room with Dark Brown Accents

  • Lap Pool with Brick Wall and Bronze Spitters
    Lap Pool with Brick Wall and Bronze Spitters

  • contemporary lake house in Horseshoe Bay, Texas
    Contemporary Lake House in Horseshoe Bay, Texas

  • Exterior With Porch
    Exterior With Porch and Front Yard

  • Foyer and Stairs
    Foyer and Staircases

  • White Formal Dining Room
    White Formal Dining Room With Open Doorways

  • Large Deck
    Large Deck and Gazebo

  • Brown Rustic Living Room
    Rustic Cabin Living Room with Wood Trim, Stone Accents

  • Sculpture in a Modern Garden
    Sculpture in a Modern Garden with Water Feature

  • Rustic Touches in Small Modern Bathroom
    Small Modern Bathroom with Rustic Touches

  • Modern and Rustic Styles Blend with Color and Accessories
    Color and Accessories Blend Modern and Rustic Styles