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  • Blue Sofa and Red Tables in Living Room
    Solid Colored Furniture With Round Striped Area Rug

  • Living room with sectional and patterned rug.
    Contemporary Seating Area with Warm Rust-Colored Rug

  • Eclectic-Midcentury Modern Dining Room with Bright, Elegant Design
    Eclectic Dining Room With Brightly-Colored Area Rug

  • Blue Country Kitchen
    Vintage Area Rug

  • Living Room Rug
    Tribal-Inspired Area Rug

  • Contemporary Living Room With Brown Sofa, Geometric Rug, and Gray Walls
    Contemporary Living Room With Gray Color Scheme and Geometric Area Rug

  • White Living Room With Teal Armchair in Corner With Graphic Orange Rug
    Teal Armchair & Graphic Area Rug

  • White Living Room With Dark-Gray Sofa and Glass Coffee Table
    White Living Room With Dark Gray Sofa and Glass Coffee Table

  • Contemporary Sitting Area
    Contemporary Sitting Area With Multicolor Rug

  • Mediterranean living room with blue rug
    Bright Blue Rug Enlivens Living Area

  • contemporary living room with layered rugs
    Layered Rugs Create Stylish Sitting Area

  • Gray Contemporary Bedroom With Multicolored Rug & Blue Chair
    Contemporary Bedroom With Colorful Area Rug

  • Yacht Sitting Area
    Yacht Sitting Area With Blue Rug

  • transitional balcony with bright orange rug
    Balcony With Bright Orange Area Rug

  • White Rug and Blue Ottoman in Master Bedroom
    Blue Ottoman on Pattern Area Rug

  • Neutral Midcentury Modern Living Room
    Chic Midcentury Modern Living Room With Neutral Color Scheme, Area Rug and Patterned Curtains

  • Dark Library With White Wood Chair and Vintage Desk
    Traditional Desk Area With White Chair and Red Area Rug

  • Midcentury Modern White Living Room With Arc Lamp
    Light-Filled Retro-Style Living Room