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  • Blue Glass Bottled With Metal Handle, Votive Inside
    Cobalt Blue Votive Bottles

  • coastal single family home with skylights
    Coastal Entryway Boasts Cobalt Blue Door

  • contemporary kitchen with blue island
    Contemporary Kitchen With Cobalt Blue Island

  • White Bedroom With Gray Rug, Gray Cabinet and Blue & White Bedroom
    Eclectic Bedroom With Cobalt Blue Bedding

  • Green-and-Gold Shrub in Large Blue Pot
    Large Cobalt-Blue Flowerpot With Euonymus Shrub

  • Tropical Mandevilla in a Cobalt Blue Pot
    Tropical Mandevilla in a Cobalt Blue Pot

  • Red Ornamental Grass in Dark Blue Flowerpots
    Cobalt-Blue Containers With Red Miscanthus Ornamental Grass

  • Blue and White Bedroom With Accent Wall
    Contemporary White Bedroom With Cobalt Blue Accent Wall

  • Transitional Kitchen With Artistic Blue Tile Backsplash
    Cobalt Blue Backsplash Adds Artistic Flair to Kitchen

  • Cobalt Blue Swimming Pool With Fire Bowl Feature
    Cobalt Blue Swimming Pool With Fire Bowl Feature

  • Navy and Cobalt Blue Rug Accent Bright Blue Door
    Navy and Cobalt Blue Geometric Rug Adds Youthful Touch

  • Blue Pot With Palm Tree and Yellow Lantana
    Palm Tree and Yellow Lantana in Textured Cobalt-Blue Container

  • Cobalt Blue Dining Room With Ivory Drapes and Upholstered Chairs
    Dramatic Dining Room in Deep Cobalt Blue With Ivory Drapes

  • Sacred Pepper Bar's Small Dining Room with Organic Inspiration
    Small Dining Room with Pecky Cypress and Cobalt Blue Rug in the Sacred Pepper Bar

  • Sand and Sea Vibe in Elegant Dining Room
    Neutral Color Palette with Cobalt Blue Accents Gives Dining Room a Sand and Sea Vibe

  • Funky and Elegant Bar Space
    Cobalt Blue Wall and Custom Made Light Fixture Make Bar Space Both Funky and Elegant

  • Foyer With Blue Mirror
    Gray Modern Foyer With Blue Mirror

  • Blue and White Kitchen With Green Stools
    Blue and White Open Plan Kitchen With Green Stools