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  • Fabric Coasters
    Monogrammed Coasters

  • Shadowland ‘Coast to Coast’ Hosta
    ‘Coast to Coast’ Shadowland Hosta

  • Rope Spool Coaster
    Rope Coaster

  • Decoupage Coaster
    Photo Coasters + Magnets

  • DIY Christmas Coasters
    Handmade Reindeer Coasters

  • Floppy Coaster
    Floppy Disc Coaster

  • Mini LP Coasters
    Mini LP Coasters

  • Wooden Pallet Coaster
    Mini Pallet Coaster

  • Overhead Shot of Stack of Coasters Featuring Floral Design
    Blue and White Ceramic Coasters

  • pressed flower glass coasters
    Pressed-Flower Coasters

  • hillside home with outdoor sitting area
    Hillside Home on California Coast

  • contemporary beach house with swimming pool
    Porthole Window Nods to Coast

  • Orcas Island Coast
    Orcas Island Coast With Logs

  • Painted Wood Coasters
    Painted Wood Chip Coasters

  • Magazine Coasters
    DIY Magazine Coasters

  • Easy DIY Tile Coasters
    Easy DIY Tile Coasters: Let Dry

  • Easy DIY Tile Coasters
    Easy DIY Tile Coasters: Materials

  • Cape Cod-Style Home with Pool
    Cape Cod-Style Home on the West Coast