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    City Sights

  • Private Terrace in Montreal
    City Terrace Oasis

  • Nursery with Las Angeles Cityscape
    City Girl Nursery

  • making city s'mores for small spaces
    City S'mores

  • Bright Contemporary Kitchen
    Kitchen: Open City Views

  • Chicken in front of a small, tin-roof chicken coop.
    Rock City Chicken Coop

  • Gray Daybed & Metal Bookshelf With Large Windows
    Daybed With City View

  • L-Shaped Bedroom
    Night City Scene Bedroom

  • Contemporary Sitting Room
    Loveseat with City Views

  • Soak Up the City
    Contemporary Bedroom with City Views

  • Contemporary Gray Home Office
    Home Office with City Views

  • Outdoor Living Space With Green Seating Area
    Outdoor Patio in the City

  • contemporary patio with patterned chairs
    Comfortable Corner Includes City Views

  • contemporary backyard with pool, dining space
    Backyard Becomes Escape From City

  • Modern Bedroom With Patterned Wallpaper
    Modern Bedroom With City Views

  • Rooftop Lounge With City View
    Rooftop Lounge With City View

  • Contemporary Rooftop Terrace With Pergola, Dining Area, Living Wall
    New York City Rooftop Terrace

  • Contemporary Rooftop Terrace With Gray Tile
    Contemporary Rooftop Terrace Overlooks City