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  • "Chris Cran: Sincerely Yours"

  • Courtney and Chris Burden Lounge on Their Back Patio Space
    Courtney and Chris Burden Sit On Their Back Porch

  • Craftsman Farmhouse Exterior In Stone And Brick With Wood Details
    Stone And Brick Craftsman Farmhouse Exterior

  • A Man Sets a Record on the Player While a Woman Pours a Drink
    A Couple Stands Near a Dining Table Filled With Colorful Accessories

  • Eclectic Trinkets Sit Atop a Bright Green Cabinet
    A Green Cabinet Sits Below a Gold Mirror

  • White Country Sitting Room
    White Country Sitting Room With Gray Armchair

  • A White Bathroom Wall Is Brought to Life With a Hand-Painted Design
    A Pink Design Is Painted on a White Bathroom Wall

  • restaurant
    Zingerman's Deli

  • Rustic Balcony
    Exterior Rustic Balcony With Lounge Chairs

  • A Diamond in the Rough

  • Hand-Painted Walls and Tiles Create a Totally Unique Look
    Light Pink Bathroom Is Filled With Multiple Patterns and Designs

  • House Exterior and Lake
    View of House Exterior From Lake

  • Rustic Patio With Swing
    Rustic Patio with Fireplace

  • Bachelor Pad Living Room Accessories
    Bachelor Pad Living Room Accessories

  • Kitchen With Copper Range Hood
    Neutral Country Kitchen With Copper Range Hood

  • Rustic Front Exterior
    Rustic Front Exterior and Driveway

  • Covered Patio and Lake View
    Exterior Covered Patio and Lake View

  • Crate Garden
    Vertical Wood Crate Garden