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  • Lisa Lampanelli and Bryan Rafanelli Make Glitter-Filled Ornaments
    Lisa Lampanelli With Designer Bryan Rafanelli

  • Paper Wrapped Gift With Aqua Ribbon
    Lisa Lampanelli's Wrapped Gift

  • Pink and white wrapped gifts
    Gift Display

  • White Christmas Tree With Colorful Ornaments
    Haylie Duff's Multicolored Christmas Tree

  • Two Christmas Trees With Neutral Wrapped Presents
    Lisa Lampanelli's Christmas Trees

  • Wood Barrel With Hot Chocolate and Christmas Decor
    Lisa Lampanelli's Festive Hot Chocolate Station

  • Haylie Duff and Kelli Ellis Looking at Exterior Lights
    Haylie Duff With Designer Kelli Ellis

  • Custom Photo Wrapping Paper
    Family Photo Wrapping Paper

  • Neutral Christmas Tree With Picture Frame Ornaments
    Jordin Sparks' Picture Perfect Christmas Tree

  • Glass Bottles and Wrapped Gifts Under Christmas Tree
    Lisa Lampanelli's Christmas Tree Decor

  • Dining Room With Christmas Decorations
    Actress Kathy Najimy's Christmas Decor

  • Chandelier with hanging Christmas ornaments
    Christmas Chandelier

  • Tall Metallic Christmas Tree
    Kurt Warner's Stunning Silver and Gold Christmas Tree

  • Tiffani Thiessen Headshot
    Actress Tiffani Thiessen

  • White christmas tree with multi colored ornaments
    Colorful Christmas Tree

  • Traditional living room with oversized Christmas tree
    Elegant, Neutral Living Room Decorated for Christmas

  • White Christmas Tree With Jewel-Tone Ornaments
    Glam White Christmas Tree

  • Terrace Decorated for Christmas
    Actress Kathy Najimy's Christmas Terrace