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  • Cooktop, Beige Backsplash & Stone Range Hood in Mediterranean Kitchen
    Cast Stone Range Hood & Neutral Kitchen Backsplash

  • Island With Stone Corbels in Mediterranean Kitchen With Brown Cabinets
    Cast Stone Island Corbels in Mediterranean Kitchen

  • Mediterranean Neutral Bedroom With Blue Bedding, Fireplace, Chandelier
    Elegant Mediterranean Bedroom With Cast Stone Fireplace

  • Mediterranean Neutral Kitchen With Brown Cabinets & Stone Range Hood
    Mediterranean Kitchen Features Cast Stone Range Hood

  • Mediterranean Neutral Kitchen With Brown Cabinets and Stone Range Hood
    Cast Stone Range Hood Wows in Mediterranean Kitchen

  • Transitional Neutral Living Room With Beige Sofa and Fireplace
    Cast Stone Fireplace Wows in Transitional Living Room

  • Green Sitting Room With Four Leather Chairs, Fireplace & Bookshelves
    Elaborate Sitting Room With Built-Ins & Cast Stone Fireplace

  • Old World Bathroom With Cast Stone Sink and Vintage Mirrors
    Old World-Style Bathroom Boasts Cast Stone Pedestal Sink

  • Mediterranean Kitchen With Brown Cabinets and Neutral Range Hood
    Stone Range Hood & Two-Tier Island in Mediterranean Kitchen

  • Moroccan-Style Marble Bathroom
    Moroccan-Style Marble Bathroom

  • Vintage-Style Faucet and Stone Sink
    Custom Faucet and Pedestal Sink

  • Mediterranean Living Room With Large Fireplace and Hardwood Floors
    Living Room: Lakefront Mediterranean in Austin, Texas

  • 16 perfect patios from intimate designs to wide open configurations
    Patio with Central Fireplace and Bluestone Flooring

  • Tropical White Home With Back Porch
    Back Porch Overlooks Grass and Tile Pool Deck

  • Rustic Master Bathroom With Cast Iron Erosion Sink, Copper Tub
    Rustic Master Bathroom Boasts Cast Iron Erosion Sink

  • traditional mansion with formal gardens
    Majestic Dallas Mansion Casts Warm Glow Over Gardens

  • Mediterranean Bar and Lounge
    Entertaining Area With Bar and Lounge

  • Vegetable Garden With Carrots And Chard
    Concrete Edger Stones