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  • backyard with antique gate
    Antique Gates Allude to City's History

  • Home Exterior With Landscaping
    Lushly Landscaped Southern Coastal Home

  • Traditional Gravel Driveway With Brick Walkway
    Traditional Driveway Landscape With Brick And Gravel Paths

  • Traditional Cottage Entryway Garden With Brick Paths
    Traditional White Cottage Entrance With Brick Pathway And Crepe Myrtles And Cottage Landscaping

  • Cottage Garden With Brick And Landscape Lighting
    Cottage Garden Detail With Brick Path And Duck Sculpture Accent

  • Waterfront Yard
    Waterfront Yard With Modern Patio

  • Brick Patio and Pool
    Brick Patio and Pool

  • Backyard With Orange Sofa
    Long Backyard With Orange Sofa

  • Lakeside Retreat With Backyard Dock And Pier
    Lakeside Backyard With Dock And Pier

  • Flagstone Walkway With Cottage Garden Ferns And Lighting
    Cottage Garden Flagstone Walkway With Lighting And Ferns

  • Path to Lawn
    Gravel Path to Lawn

  • Patio Sitting Area
    Patio Sitting Area With Lounge Chairs

  • Garden Gravel Terrace With Antique Fountain And Brick Details
    Cottage Garden With Brick Paths And Fountain

  • Garden Detail With Brick Pavers
    Cottage Garden Brick Detail

  • Exterior With Deck
    Waterfront Exterior With Deck Walkways

  • Walkway Around House
    Wood Walkway Around House

  • Courtyard With Table And Chairs And Accent Wall
    Courtyard With Iron Dining Table And Chairs

  • Cottage Side Garden With Brick Pavers
    Traditional Cottage Garden With Brick Pavers