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  • Orange Suckers in a Black Terra Cotta Candy Bowl Spider
    A Terra Cotta Pot Spider Halloween Candy Bowl

  • A Black Lantern Full of Yellow Jelly Beans for Halloween
    A Glass and Terra Cotta Halloween Candy Bowl Lantern

  • A Monster Hand Candy Bowl Made From a Green Glove
    A Terra Cotta Candy Bowl With a Green Monster Hand

  • A Terra Cotta Pot Turned into a Spider Candy Bowl
    A Terra Cotta Candy Bowl With Glitter and Spider Legs

  • yellow rock candy sitting on a white serving plate
    Yellow Rock Candy

  • White Chocolate Covered Strawberries

  • White Chocolate Covered Strawberries

  • Holiday Candy
    Sugar Showoff

  • Snacks in Bowls on Tray
    Thanksgiving Snack Station for Kids

  • halloween outdoor decor
    Modern Table

  • Icing Gingerbread House
    Gingerbread House Decorating