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  • Ornate Couch Side Table
    After: Stylish Sideboard

  • Stone Sculptures on Coffee Table
    Marble Sculptures Atop Coffee Table

  • Traditional Living Space With Antique Candlesticks and Cabinet
    Living Room With Antique Decor

  • Transitional Dining Room With Mirrored Buffet
    Reflective Dining Room Buffet Adds Glam With Metallic Accessories

  • Gray Art Deco Dining Room
    Gray Art Deco Dining Room With Wainscoting

  • Two Candlesticks Tied Together With Twine
    Rose Gold Candles

  • Metal Candle Sticks
    Metal Touches for Shine and Depth

  • Formal French-Style Living Room
    Formal French-Style Living Room

  • Detail of Dining Room with Light Blue Walls and Glass-Top Table
    Metallic Centerpieces in Color-Blocked Dining Room

  • Wooden Dining Table and Nude Chairs
    Neutral Dining Table With Terrarium Centerpiece

  • Contemporary Living Room With Hydrangeas
    Neutral Contemporary Living Room With Hydrangeas

  • Contemporary Seating Area
    Contemporary Seating Area With Wood Table

  • Multicolored Eclectic Bedroom
    Multicolored Eclectic Bedroom With Bright Art

  • Blue Formal Dining Room
    Blue Formal Dining Room With Green Runner

  • Mantel Candles
    1 Holiday Mantel, 3 Ways - Abundance of Candles

  • white table centerpiece
    Candles, Ornaments Create Seasonal Centerpiece

  • Pair of Chandeliers with Tall Mirror
    Traditional Dining Room with Twin Chandeliers

  • Fireplace and Black Candelabras
    Fireplace and Black Candelabras