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  • Caterpillar House Exterior
    Caterpillar House Exterior and Hills

  • Exterior and Backyard
    Beach House Exterior and Backyard

  • Best Seat in the House

  • Josh Temple
    House Crashers Host Josh Temple

  • Mediterranean Style Home in Santa Ynez Valley, California
    Stucco Exterior, Tile Roof, Veranda Evoke Mediterranean Style in California Home

  • White Eclectic Master Bedroom
    Bohemian Master Bedroom with Shiplap Accent Wall

  • Tuscan Side Garden
    Tuscan-Style House with Extensive Garden

  • Contemporary Facade of Laguna Beach Home
    Rear Facade of Contemporary Beach House

  • Modern Home Office in Malibu
    Modern Office in Malibu Beach House

  • Open Plan Contemporary Kitchen With Bar Seating
    Kitchen at Heart of Contemporary House

  • Modern House with Multiple Decks
    Modern House with Indoor-Outdoor Emphasis

  • Two-Story Waterfront House
    Two-Story Waterfront House With Glass Walls

  • Beach House With Blue Awnings
    Tropical Beach House Exterior With Blue Awnings

  • White Home With Red Shutters, Red Door and Wide Front Porch
    Ranch-Style House With Bold Red Shutters

  • White Mediterranean House with Pool
    Contemporary Mediterranean House with Party-Ready Backyard

  • Exterior: Modern Beach House in Malibu, Calif.
    Home Exterior: Modern Beach House in Malibu, Calif.

  • White ranch house
    Cottage-Style Entrance Adds Charm to Ranch House

  • Exterior of Transitional Hillside House With Black Roof
    Transitional House Exterior With Black Roof in Hollywood Hills