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  • Butterflies in Glass Cloches
    Indoor Butterfly Garden

  • Butterfly Garden in Cottage Garden
    Cottage Garden's Butterfly Garden

  • Red Coreopsis, White Shasta Daisies and Red Bee Balm
    Hummingbird, Bee and Butterfly Garden

  • Native Plant Butterfly Weed
    Monarch Butterfly

  • sticker book
    Butterfly Book

  • Native Wildflower Pollinator Plant
    Butterfly Weed

  • Asclepias Native Plant
    Orange Butterfly Weed

  • Acreage with Garden Path
    Garden Path Leads Through Expertly Landscaped Acreage

  • Dining Room Buffet
    Magical Dining Room With Gold Butterflies, Floral Buffet

  • Traditional Yellow, Green Sunroom With Chair, Stool, Sofa & Houseplant
    Cheerful Yellow & Green Sunroom Features Bright Armchair, Stool & Floral Accents

  • Traditional Sunroom With Sofa, Chair, Stool, Yellow & Green Patterns
    Cheerful Sunroom Features Bright Yellow, Green & Floral Motif

  • Modern Urban Garden
    Modern Urban Garden

  • Strawberry Plants and Yellow Pallet Wall With Painted Blue Butterfly
    Strawberry Plants in Front of a Painted Butterfly Design on Yellow Wood Pallets

  • Contemporary White Sitting Room
    Natural Lit Sitting Space With Leather Butterfly Chair, Sliding Glass Door and Succulent Display

  • Milkweed Plant For Monarch Butterfly
    Swamp Milkweed

  • A simple water garden and all you do, is add water.
    No Green Thumb Needed - Simple Water Garden

  • Vitex Pollinator Plant
    Flip Side Chaste Tree

  • butterfly house
    Pollinator Paradise