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  • Neutral Eclectic Living Room
    Eclectic Living Space With Traditional Built-ins

  • White Contemporary Living Space With Built-In Shelves & Wet Bar
    Contemporary Living Space Features Illuminated Built-Ins

  • Gray Contemporary Master Bath
    Gray, Contemporary Master Bath with Built-Ins

  • Neutral Contemporary Open Kitchen
    Contemporary Open Plan Kitchen With Built-Ins

  • Closet With Wood Ceiling and Built-In Wood Cabinets
    Hallway Closet Features Natural Wood Built-Ins

  • Neutral Family Room With Brick Fireplace, Neutral Sofa, Blue Built-Ins
    Charming Family Room With Custom Built-Ins

  • Transitional Neutral Living Room With Neutral Sofas
    Transitional Living Room With Classic Built-Ins

  • White, Modern, Minimal Living Room
    White, Modern Living Room with Built-Ins

  • Contemporary Living Room With Built-In Shelves
    Contemporary Living Room With Chic Built-Ins

  • midcentury kitchen with wet bar
    Wooden Built-Ins Create Custom Bar Area

  • Contemporary Gray Home Office
    Contemporary Home Office With Walnut Built-Ins

  • Traditional Family Room With Wood Cabinetry and Beige Chairs
    Traditional Family Room With Beautiful Built-Ins

  • Blue Living Room with Decorated Built-Ins
    Vintage Living Room with Decorated Built-Ins

  • Glamorous Dining Room With Round Dining Table and Built-In Shelving
    Elegant Dining Room With Wood Built-Ins

  • Transitional White Living Room With Beige Armchairs and Glass Tables
    Transitional White Living Room With Built-Ins

  • Contemporary Home Office With Brown Built-In Desk & Cabinets
    Chocolate Brown Built-Ins in Contemporary Home Office

  • Living Area With Gray Built-In Cabinets and Shelves
    Transitional Family Room With Deep Gray Built-Ins

  • Traditional Living Area With Fireplace, Gray Shelving and Neutral Sofa
    Cozy Family Room Features Lovely Gray Built-Ins