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  • Chest accessories in the HGTV Smart Home 2015 entryway.
    Bronze Accessories

  • Bronze Decorative Accessories
    Bronze Decorative Accessories

  • HGTV Smart Home 2015 dining room.
    Bronze Pendant Candelabra

  • 'Bronze Carpet' Stonecrop
    'Bronze Carpet' Stonecrop

  • Perennial For Shade
    ‘Bronze Peacock’ Rodgersia

  • Bronze Bathtub Faucet Filling Tub
    Champagne Bronze Beauty

  • Bronze Mediterranean Fireplace
    Bronze Mediterranean Fireplace

  • Bronze Leatherleaf Sedge
    Bronze Leatherleaf Sedge

  • Fireplace With Bronze Tile
    Fireplace With Bronze Tile

  • White Bathroom Vanity
    White Vanity With Bronze Fixtures

  • Asian-inspired garden
    Handcrafted Fence With Bronze Hardware

  • Faucet from HGTV Dream Home 2015.
    Guest Bathroom Bronze Finish Faucet

  • Bronze Chandelier and Dining Table
    Dining Room With Bronze Chandelier

  • Purple Contemporary Bathroom With Bronze Tub
    Bronze Tub in Sophisticated Bathroom

  • Table Hardware
    Stone Desk With Bronze Hardware

  • Bronze Open Shelf
    Bronze Open Shelf With Ceramics

  • Bronze Rosettes in Rectangular Lap Pool
    Bronze Rosettes in Rectangular Lap Pool

  • Pink Flowers in a Bronze-Colored Pot
    Bronze-Glazed Container With Pink Flowers