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  • Breezeway

  • Courtyard and Breezeway
    Courtyard and Breezeway

  • contemporary breezeway with stone siding
    Sophisticated Stone Breezeway

  • Breezeway into Bathroom
    Breezeway into Bathroom

  • Tropical Patio With Wood Furniture, Pavers & Covered Walkway
    Breezeways Connect Tropical Estate

  • View From Inside Breezeway With Large Square Stepping Stones
    Modern, Red Panel Breezeway

  • Rustic Outdoor Space With Exposed Beams
    Breezeway With Exposed Beams

  • Breezeway Connecting Two Sections of Modern Gray Home
    Modern Home Features Breezeway Connector

  • Neutral Modern Entryway
    Breezeway Leads to Modern Entryway

  • Stone Exterior and Breezeway
    Rustic Stone Exterior and Breezeway

  • Mediterranean dining space
    Lanterns Brighten Dining Space, Breezeway

  • Contemporary Living Room
    Contemporary Living Room and Breezeway

  • Brown Contemporary Outdoor Living Room
    Contemporary Home with Breezeway, Courtyard

  • Industrial breezeway
    Outdoor Breezeway Features Industrial Lighting

  • Wood Breezeway and Rustic Barn, Pond
    Rustic Wyoming Barn With Breezeway

  • White Home Office in Hallway
    Breezeway-Spanning Home Office Saves Space

  • Exterior With Breezeway at Night
    Home Exterior With Breezeway at Night

  • Southwestern Breezeway With Terracotta Tile, Exposed White Beam
    Southwestern-Inspired Breezeway With Lush Plants