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  • Gray Sofa
    Gray Sofa and Brass Lamps

  • Sofa and Brass Lamp
    Sofa and Brass Table Lamp

  • Entryway With Wooden Antique Chest, Brass Lamp and Orchid Arrangement
    Entryway With Antique Wood Chest and Brass Lamp

  • Brass Pharmacy Lamp From Facebook Marketplace

  • Brushed Brass Task Lamp Above Master Bedroom Nightstand
    Brushed Brass Task Lamp Above Master Bedroom Nightstand

  • Country Glass Door Cabinet
    White Glass Door Cabinet in Spacious Country Kitchen With Brass Table Lamp and Chalkboard

  • contemporary blue nightstand with brass hardware
    Blue Nightstand With Lamp, Brass Hardware

  • Contemporary Brass Lamp With Black Lampshade in Black & White Room
    Metallic Lamp Pops in Black and White Dining Room

  • HGTV Smart Home 2016 Brass-and-Acrylic Lamp With White Lampshade
    Lovely Lamps

  • Dining Room With Brass Table
    Contemporary Dining Room With Brass Table

  • Close Up View Of Chair With Faux Throw And Brass Lightbulb Floor Lamp
    White Double Dresser With Brass Accents

  • Neutral Foyer With Wooden Table, Upholstered Chair and Framed Mirror
    Elegant Pool House Entry With Wooden Table

  • Gray Nightstand and Mirror
    Gray Nightstand and Round Mirror

  • Two-Tiered Brass Side Table With White Boxes and White Marble Lamp
    Modern Brass End Table Boasts Stylish Accessories

  • Black and White TV Room
    Black and White TV Room With Brass Tray

  • Midnight Blue-Colored Nightstand Placed Against Wall of Same Color
    Midnight Blue Nightstand Blends Into Matching Wall

  • Natural Accents in Sophisticated Black and White Bedroom
    Black and White Contemporary Bedroom with Natural Touch

  • Table Lamp and Succulent in Small Planter on Desktop
    Table Lamp, Succulent Planter Adorn Desktop