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  • Small Brass Table With Tabletop Magnifying Glass & Small White Tray
    Detail of Textured, Brass End Table

  • Two-Tiered Brass Side Table With White Boxes and White Marble Lamp
    Modern Brass End Table Boasts Stylish Accessories

  • Peacock Shaped Brass End Table With Round Glass Top
    Brass Peacock End Table

  • Neutral Living Room with Brass End Table
    Contemporary Neutral Living Room with Brass End Table

  • White Contemporary Living Room
    Bright Contemporary Living Room With Navy Accent Wall, Leather Sofa and Blue Accents

  • Dark Gray Bathtub
    Dark Gray Bathtub and Black Table

  • Victorian Buffet Table in Dining Room
    Victorian Dining Room With Buffet Table

  • Neutral Transitional Entry Hall With Curtained Walls
    Neutral Curtained Hall With Varying Accent Furniture

  • Dining Room with Modern Farmhouse Design
    Modern Farmhouse Dining Room

  • Contemporary Neutral Living Room
    Contemporary Living Room With Mediterranean Influence Featuring Navy Blue Accent Wall

  • Black Bathroom Soaking Tub
    Black Soaking Tub in Bathroom with Black-and-White Floor and Nearby Table, Towels and Accessories

  • This modern farmhouse kitchen features blue cabinets.
    Farmhouse Kitchen With Blue Cabinets

  • White Marble Tabletop
    White Marble Tabletop With Book and Glasses