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  • Bathroom with Black Cabinets and White Counter Tops
    High Contrast Bathroom

  • Black and White Rug
    Contrasting Buffalo Check

  • Neutral Living Room with Black, Iron Grid Windows
    Black, Iron Grid Windows Add Contrast to Neutral Living Room

  • Dramatic Penthouse Design with Lots of Contrast
    Black Doors and Casings Add Dramatic Contrast to Penthouse Design

  • Private Employee Area Separated by Black Barn Door
    Black Barn Door Adds Contrast and a Private Employee Area

  • Neutral Bathroom With Black-Tiled, Walk-In Shower
    Black Shower Provides Subtle Contrast in Soft Gray, Contemporary Bathroom

  • Contrast Added by Black Mirror in Neutral Bathroom Space
    Black Mirror Adds Contrast to Neutral Bathroom While Reflecting Natural Light

  • Blue Bathroom Vanity
    A Study in Contrast

  • Master Bedroom with Modern Light Fixture
    Black, Modern Light Fixture Adds Personality and Contrast to Master Bedroom

  • Light Pink Bedroom With Black Chandelier and Dark Built-Ins
    Sophisticated, High-Contrast Bedroom

  • Eclectic Black Dining Room With Brown Hardwood Floor
    Stylish Dining Room in Black

  • Guest Bathroom with Dramatic Contrast
    Dramatic Contrast in Guest Bathroom

  • Colonial Home Design with Drama and Contrast
    Dramatic, Contrasting Colonial Home Design

  • Traditional Kitchen With Black and White Cabinets, Neutral Countertops
    Contrasting Cabinets in Traditional Kitchen

  • White Living Room with Contrast
    Contrast in White Living Room

  • galley kitchen with white and brown cabinetry
    Modern Kitchen With Contrasting Cabinetry

  • Modern House with Black and White Painting in Dining Area
    Black and White Painting Adds Contrast to White Dining Area in Modern House

  • Contemporary White Apartment With Sleek Black Kitchen Cabinets
    Contemporary Apartment Boasts High-Contrast Look