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  • Houston, Tex., Wine Bar, Modern Industrial Style
    Family-Style Seating in Camerata Wine Bar

  • Gold Home Office With Wood Desk and Eagle Artwork
    Gold Wallpaper Gleams in Eclectic Home Office

  • transitional master bedroom with gray chair
    Modern Reading Corner Pairs Gray Chair, Geometric Table

  • Pink Room With Matching Black and White Chairs Separated by Gold Table
    Eclectic Seating Area Boasts Hot Pink Patterned Walls

  • Gold Shelf With Palm Tree Table Lamp and Gold Flower Vase
    Gold Shelf With Palm Tree Table Lamp

  • Mirrored Cocktail Bar With Zebra Chairs and Coffee Table
    Lucite Coffee Table and Metallic Cocktail Bar Add Flare to Living Room

  • White Contemporary Sitting Area With Black Chaise, Floor Lamp
    Stylish Sitting Area With Comfy Chaise

  • Neutral Contemporary Formal Dining Room With gold and Silver Chairs
    Formal Dining Room With Black Chandeliers and Arched Entryway

  • Contemporary Black And White Living Room With Stone Fireplace
    Contemporary Living Room With Black And White Upholstered Furnishings And Fireplace

  • Modern Dining Room With Graphic Ceiling Art And White Bookshelves
    Modern Dining Room With Black And White Graphic Ceiling And White Built In Bookshelves

  • White Eclectic Bedroom
    Eclectic White Bedroom With Black Headboard, Gold Accented Nightstands and Pops of Blue

  • Neutral Coastal Dining Room
    Neutral Coastal Dining Room With Double Chandeliers

  • Eclectic Dining Room With Clear Dining Chairs and Crystal Chandelier
    Eclectic Dining Room With Long Crystal Chandelier

  • Neutral Living Space With Large White Canvas & Black Console Table
    Minimalist Living Area With Console Table & Framed Canvas

  • Living Room With Gold Coffee Table
    Contemporary Living Room With Gold Coffee Table

  • Long Dining Room Table For Eight With Two Pendant Lights Above
    Formal Dining Room With Herringbone Parquet Flooring

  • Black Art Deco Sitting Room
    Captivating Art Deco Sitting Space With Black Wall Panelling, Green Velvet Chair and Prism Coffee Table

  • eclectic living room with blue velvet sofa
    Gold Light, Blue Velvet Sofa Bring Glamour to Living Room