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  • Big City Chic

  • Contemporary urban terrace
    Garden-Style Terrace Offers Escape From Big City

  • Backstage Door to Palace Theater
    Dream Big

  • Living Room with Mosaic Ceiling, Chandelier and Gold Couch
    Two-Story Living Room With Ornate Chandelier

  • Alpharetta: Big Creek Greenway

  • Contemporary Living Room
    Living Room with Wall of Windows

  • Penthouse Deck
    Penthouse Deck With City View

  • Modern Dallas Home
    Sustainably Designed Modern Home Located in Dallas

  • Neutral Kitchen With Purple Rug
    Open Plan Kitchen With Purple Rug

  • Contemporary Green and Blue Living Room
    Contemporary Green and Blue Living Room With Urban View

  • single family home in Atlanta, Ga.
    Spectacular Single Family Home in Atlanta, Ga.

  • rustic lake house with private dock
    Three-Story Lake House With Private Dock

  • There are certain limitation to renovating in a big city.
    Lofty Limitations

  • A Catskills Oasis

  • Little Mountain Cabin

  • Home and Two-Car Garage
    Home and Two-Car Garage Exterior

  • Spa Bathroom With Leaves
    Spa Bathroom With Green Leaves

  • Small Gray Bedroom
    Small Gray Bedroom With Pendants