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  • Beaded Sconces and Floral Valance in a Country Bathroom
    Beaded Sconce

  • Traditional Neutral Bedroom
    Blue and Green Beaded Sconce Outside Doorway View of Traditional Bedroom With Carved Bed Posts and Neutral Bed Linens

  • Formal Foyer With Shimmering Wallpaper and Glass Sconces
    Glamorous Transitional Foyer With Pearly Finishes

  • Dark Chocolate Bathroom With Metal Light-Up Vanity
    Brown Contemporary Bathroom With Glass Wall Sconces

  • Antique Beaded Vanity Mirror With Sconce Lighting
    Antique Beaded Bathroom Vanity Mirror With Sconce Lighting

  • Eclectic Yellow Dining Room With Red Accents
    Bold Yellow Dining Room

  • Blue and Orange Bathroom
    Blue and Orange Bathroom With Wallpaper

  • Traditional Chandelier and Sconces
    Traditional Chandelier and Sconces

  • Brown Traditional Bathroom
    Traditional Bath with Paneled Walls, Accent Lighting