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  • A basement with an open floor plan and easy flow from zone to zone.
    Basement Rec Room -- Open Floor Plan

  • Basement Room with Artwork
    White Basement Rec Room with Artwork

  • Black and Blue Modern Display Case
    White Closet in Basement Rec Room

  • Blue and Slate Gray Basement Family Room
    Modern Basement Rec Room From Sarah Sees Potential

  • Basement Concrete Home Gym
    Basement Rec Room With Orange and White Stripe Wall

  • Antique Propane Tank Repurposed Into Lamp
    Repurposed Lamp Made From Propane Tank

  • Gray Shelf in Basement Rec Room
    Simple Gray Shelf With Open Storage

  • Orange and White Bathroom
    Orange and White Bathroom With Music-Inspired Artwork

  • Vintage Wood Dresser With Wine Bottle Storage
    Antique Wine Cabinet From Sarah Sees Potential

  • contemporary
    Deluxe Home Movie Theater

  • Sectional Sofa In Western-Style Basement
    Brown and Neutral Western-Style Basement With Sectional

  • Neutral Bedroom With Iron Bed, Narrow Basement Window, Curtains
    Serene Basement Bedroom With Elongating Curtains