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  • French Baroque Parlor
    French Baroque Parlor

  • Black Gothic Bedroom
    Modern Baroque Bedroom with Gothic Details

  • Black Gothic Dining Room
    Dramatic, Dark-Walled Dining Room

  • Neutral Porch With White Sofa and Purple, Pink & Red Pillows
    Eclectic Porch With White Sofa and Bright Throw Pillows

  • Gothic Glam Guest Room
    Modern Guest Bedroom with Gothic, Moody Vibe

  • Modern Living Room with Sculpture
    Iron Sculpture in Modern Living Space

  • Black and Metallic Guest Bedroom
    'Gothic Glam' Guest Bedroom

  • Foyer
    Elegant Enfilade Enterance

  • Not So Serious

  • Baroque Wine Room With Heavy Drapes, Wine Table and Two Chairs
    Wine Room: Lavish Mediterranean Masterpiece in Frisco, Texas

  • Silver Dining Room With Red Chairs
    Silver Art Deco Dining Room With Red Chairs

  • Bathroom With Blue-and-Brown Baroque Wallpaper
    Traditional Powder Room With Brown-and-Blue Wallpaper

  • Powder Room With Red Wallpaper and Gray Vanity
    Neoclassical Style Powder Room With Gray Vanity

  • Neutral Study Filled With Artwork
    Natural Materials, Earthy Palette Create Serene Study for Work, Relaxation

  • Family Room With Built-In Bookshelf, Patterned Pillows and Gold Lamp
    White Transitional Living Room With Red Wall Art

  • castle exterior
    Castle Varghis

  • Asian-Style Booth Dining Area With Wood Table and Framed Painting
    Enchanting Asian-Style Booth Dining Area

  • High Drama Living Room
    'Rough Luxe' Living Room with High-Drama Details