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  • White Contemporary Dining Room
    Naturally Lit Contemporary Dining Area With Banquette Seating

  • Contemporary Neutral Dining Nook
    Bright and Decorative Dining Nook With Banquette Seating

  • Eclectic White Dining Area With Banquette
    Custom Banquette Offers Seating & Storage

  • Traditional Breakfast Nook With Banquette And Bookshelves
    Traditional Kitchen Breakfast Nook With Built In Banquette Seating

  • Breakfast Nook With Banquette Seating
    Breakfast Nook Features Banquette Seating, Fireplace and Sunny Sitting Area

  • White Dormitory Lounge Area With Pink Rug And Banquette Seating
    Dorm Lounge Area With Banquette Seating And Modern Accent Tables

  • Dining Alcove With a Picnic Table and Built-in Bench in Rustic Kitchen
    Banquette Seating Meets Picnic Table in Rustic-Style Dining Room

  • Contemporary Dining Space With Blue Bench Seating and White Chairs
    Contemporary Dining Room With Banquette Bench Seating

  • Spacious Dormitory Lounge Area With Colorful Seating And High Ceilings
    Dormitory Lounge And Study Area With Banquette Seating And Colorful Pillows

  • White Kitchen With Floral Shade, Built-in Bench and Wood Table
    Cottage Kitchen With Banquette Window Seating, Roman Shades

  • White Contemporary Living Room With Pendant Lights & Assorted Seating
    Chic Living Room Features Eye-Catching Pendant Lights Over Sofa, Chair & Banquette Seating

  • Contemporary Dressing Room with Plenty of Closet Storage and Seating
    Floor to Ceiling Wardrobes and Banquette Seating in Black and White Contemporary Dressing Room

  • Dining Nook With Square Arch and Banquette Window Seat
    Dining Nook With Square Arch and Banquette Window Seat

  • Neutral Traditional Dining Room With White Chairs and Pink Accents
    French Country-Style Breakfast Room With Banquette and Chair Seating

  • Contemporary Breakfast Nook
    Contemporary Breakfast Nook With Banquette

  • Corner Banquette Against Green Striped Walls With Botanical Prints
    Cozy Corner Banquette With Framed Botanical Prints

  • Transitional Breakfast Banquette Nook
    Transitional Breakfast Banquette is Cozy

  • Built-in banquette with chandelier
    Built-In Kitchen Banquette in Cottage Kitchen