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  • Backyard With Palm Trees, Green Shrubs and Concrete Pavers
    Tropical Backyard With Palm Trees and Lush Shrubs

  • Polished Backyard
    Gorgeous Backyard View With Bright Green Grass, Shaped Planted Bushes and Concrete Stepping Stone Walkway

  • Backyard Hot Tub
    Concrete Rim Hot Tub Over Concrete Backyard Patio With White Lounge Chairs and Organized Shrubs

  • Home Exterior and Front Yard
    Home Exterior and Front Yard With Driveway

  • Modern Home Surrounded by Pea Grave Walking Path
    Pea Gravel Walking Path Surrounding This Modern Home

  • A property renovation transforms an underutilized yard into a woodlands area with a southern courtyard, fountain and entertainment space
    A curving garden border and mixtures of colorful shrubs and perennials add visual accents

  • Outdoor Seating Area
    Outdoor Seating Area and Lawn

  • Backyard With Stone Terraces and Perennial Shrubs
    Ornamental Perennial Shrubs Planted in Terraced Stone Beds

  • Swimming Pool With Columnar Trees, Purple Shrubs & Black Fence
    An Inviting Backyard Pool

  • Night View of White Greek Revival Home and Backyard
    Backyard at Night: Classic Revival in Belvedere, Calif.

  • Landscaped Backyard Pool
    Landscaped Backyard Pool

  • Traditional Backyard With Bluestone Stairs, Perennials, Green Shrubs
    Overhead View of Lush Backyard

  • Outdoor Sitting Area With Adirondack Chairs
    Fire Pit And Adirondack Chairs In Backyard

  • Grassy Backyard Surrounded by Trees
    Backyard: French Normandy Beauty in New Canaan, Conn.

  • Backyard With Basketball Court
    Backyard With Basketball Court

  • Backyard Garden With Natural Wood Planking and Concrete
    Modern Backyard Garden With Natural Wood Planking

  • White Stone Pool Deck
    Contemporary Gray and White Patio

  • Green-and-Gold Shrub in Large Blue Pot
    Large Cobalt-Blue Flowerpot With Euonymus Shrub