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  • Rock Patio With Modern Dining Set
    Back Patio With Tiered Garden & Modern Dining Table and Chairs

  • Urban Backyard With Patio
    Urban Backyard With Patio and Grass

  • Backyard With Deck and Grass
    Backyard With Deck and Grassy Lawn

  • Exterior view of 2014 HGTV Smart Home's covered porch and deck
    HGTV Smart Home 2014 Rear Exterior

  • Outdoor Space with Pool
    Backyard Pool With Fire Pit and Water Feature

  • Outdoor Water Feature
    Backyard Retreat With Waterfall

  • Outdoor Water Feature With Stone
    Natural Waterfall in Backyard Retreat

  • Red Party Barn Exterior With Gray Stone Patio
    Red Party Barn Exterior With Back Patio With Square Fire Pit

  • Wooden outdoor chaise lounges
    Romantic Backyard With White Chaise Lounges

  • Rustic Lakeside Exterior With Stone Stairs, Retaining Wall & Pathway
    Stairs & Stepping Stone Walkway Lead to Lake

  • Tropical Swimming Pool
    Serene Waterfall and Playing Slide

  • outdoor space
    Transport yourself to another part of the world.

  • Upper Tier Access with Concrete Steps
    Concrete Steps Provide Access to Backyard's Upper Tier

  • contemporary backyard with outdoor sofas
    Contemporary Backyard With Sitting Area

  • Side Yard and Gardens
    Side Yard and Gardens

  • Deck With Koi Pond
    Deck and Backyard With Koi Pond

  • Outdoor Entertainment
    Make the Most of the Space You Have

  • Prairie Backyard in Evening
    Prairie Backyard With Evening Lighting