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  • Outdoor Dining Area
    Backyard Walkway

  • Geometric Backyard
    Geometric Backyard With Walkways

  • Garden With Stone Path
    Backyard With Stone Path

  • Sandy Backyard Walkway
    Backyard Walkway With Grasses

  • Zigzag Backyard Stone Walkway
    Zigzag Backyard Stone Walkway

  • Wood Walkways
    Backyard With Wood Walkways

  • Side Yard Pathway
    Path Around House to Backyard

  • Backyard and Paver Path
    Backyard With Square Paver Path

  • Backyard Garden With Path
    Backyard Garden With Oval Path

  • Backyard patio and landscaping
    Backyard With Deck and Path

  • Backyard Garden With Path
    Backyard Garden With Stone Path

  • Asian Backyard With Path
    Asian Backyard With Stone Path

  • Wide Stone Walkway Leads to Spanish-Influenced Backyard Patio
    Stone Walkway to Backyard Patio

  • Backyard with Cement Paver Pathway and Stacked Stone Wall
    Backyard With Cement Paver Pathway

  • Exterior View Of Backdoor Underneath Large Wooden Pergola
    Backyard Pergola And Stone Pathway

  • Brick Pathway With Black-eyed Susans
    Classic Backyard With Brick Pathway

  • Brick Paver Pathway In Backyard
    Backyard With Brick Paver Pathway

  • Tropical Backyard With Stone Pathway
    Stone Walkway in Tropical Backyard