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  • The backyard of a house makeover from HGTV's Rafterhouse series.
    Ranch House Backyard Makeover

  • Backyard With Pool
    Backyard With Pool After Makeover

  • Spectacular outdoor entertainment spaces are created through a building/landscaping renovation
    Deep backyard has makeover potential

  • Splash Pool with Pirate Theme
    Pirate Theme Backyard Pool

  • Tiny Barn Exterior
    Tiny Barn Exterior at Night

  • Deck & Pergola
    Deck and Pergola

  • Outdoor Lounge and Dining Area
    Outdoor Lounge and Dining Area

  • Sunny and Shady Backyard With Pergola and Outdoor Kitchen
    Backyard With Outdoor Flagstone Kitchen and Gravel Pathway

  • Contemporary Paved Patio With White Outdoor Dining Area
    Back Patio With Stepping Stones and Wicker Chairs

  • Backyard Kids' Area with Hammock, Chalkboard and Hopscotch Stones
    Backyard Kids' Area with Hopscotch Stones

  • Outdoor Entertaining Area With Baseball Theme
    Baseball-Themed Backyard Deck With Bar

  • Lawn and Arbor
    Backyard Lawn and Arbor

  • Large Distressed-Metal Planters in a Fenced Backyard
    Fenced Backyard With Oversized Metal Planters in White Gravel

  • Baseball-Themed Deck and Multilevel Backyard
    Aerial View of Baseball-Themed Deck and Multilevel Backyard

  • Shady Pool
    Shady Backyard With Pool

  • Rustic Vintage Farmhouse Backyard
    Rustic Backyard With Vintage Farmhouse Style

  • Intimate Sitting Area
    Fireside Sitting Area

  • Steps and Rock Garden
    Granite Steps and Rock Garden