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  • Traditional Lawn Near A Pond
    Traditional Backyard Landscaping

  • Shrubs, Grasses and Potted Plants Along Entryway
    Contemporary Backyard Landscaping

  • Stucco Retaining Wall Featured in Newly Landscaped Backyard
    Excellent Flip: Updated Backyard Landscaping

  • Large Formal Backyard Garden With Eliminated Trees and Shrubs
    Historic Home With Backyard Landscape Lighting

  • White Historic Home Surrounded with Formal Landscaping and Large Trees
    Historic Home With Gorgeous Backyard Landscaping

  • Side View Of The Home From Large Landscaped Backyard
    Expansive Backyard With Landscaping

  • A lush backyard offering year-round relaxation and custom pool.
    Lush Backyard Pool Landscape

  • Green Backyard With Paver Stone Walkway
    Lush Green Backyard Landscaping With Water Fountain

  • Green Lawn With Hedge, Red Tree and Small Stone Wall
    Backyard Landscape With Red Japanese Maple Tree

  • Ivy-Covered Home and Backyard With Stone Patio
    Backyard Landscape With Crab Orchard Stone Patio

  • Landscaped Backyard and Poolside Patio Lounge Chairs
    Backyard With Landscaping and Pool

  • Landscaping Centerpiece
    Contemporary Backyard With Landscaping Centerpiece

  • Contemporary Green Space With Concrete And Modern Wood Fencing
    Contemporary Backyard Landscaped With Concrete And Modern Fence Details

  • Backyard waterfalls and other natural water features for homeowners
    Backyard landscape of rocks, running water and blooming plants

  • The sloping stone walls of a backyard landscape surround a fire pit
    Sloping Stone Walls and Flooring Define a Backyard Landscape

  • A backyard green patch is buffeted by sloping stone walls and paths
    A Verdant Lawn Adds Color To a Stony Backyard Landscape

  • Backyard with Landscaping and Stone Walkway
    Southampton Backyard with Landscaping and Stone Walkway

  • Woven wicker seating on an elevated backyard platform faces a fire pit
    A Backyard Landscape's Platform Seating Area Faces a Stonework Fire Pit