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  • The sloping stone walls of a backyard landscape surround a fire pit
    Sloping Stone Walls and Flooring Define a Backyard Landscape

  • Mediterranean Backyard With Swimming Pool
    Spanish Colonial Home Features Landscaped Backyard With Swimming Pool

  • A backyard green patch is buffeted by sloping stone walls and paths
    A Verdant Lawn Adds Color To a Stony Backyard Landscape

  • Woven wicker seating on an elevated backyard platform faces a fire pit
    A Backyard Landscape's Platform Seating Area Faces a Stonework Fire Pit

  • Modern Backyard and House
    Modern Stonehurst Home and Backyard With Landscaped Stairs and Long Swimming Pool

  • Backyard Swimming Pool
    Grand Backyard Design Featuring Swimming Pool, Tiered Landscaped Yard and Shaped Shrubbery

  • Backyard Swimming Pool
    Pergola View of Dreamy Swimming Pool and Clean Landscaping of Waterfront Backyard

  • Tropical Backyard Swimming Pool
    Tropical Plants Bordering Stone Walkway Leading to Luxurious Backyard Swimming Pool Landscaping

  • Modern Backyard WIth Swimming Pool
    Modern Backyard with Long Swimming Pool and Landscaped Stairs Overlooking Vast Scenic View

  • The flames of a stone fire pit adds warmth to a stone-walled backyard
    An Inlaid Stone Fire Pit Adds Warmth and Brightness to a Backyard Landscape

  • Tropical Backyard Walkway
    Palm Trees and Lush Grasses Surrounding Stone Tile Walkway In Backyard Tropical Landscaping

  • A backyard sunken water feature surrounded by natural stone
    A Water Feature Surrounded By Natural Stone Gives Depth To A Backyard Landscape

  • Backyard Cottage Patio
    Beautiful Backyard Landscaping With Paver Patio Pathway, Stone Pond and Mulched Planter Areas

  • Flames from a fire pit fan against the wind under the night sky
    A Fire Pit Adds Dramatic Color and Warmth to a Backyard's Stone Wall Landscape

  • Neutral Backyard Landscape
    Vivid Grass in Stylish Backyard With Glass Wall, Landscape Lighting and Marble Tile Walkway

  • Backyard Landscaping
    Modern Home Backyard With Decorative Planted Areas and Landscape Lighting Separating Patio Sections from the Yard

  • Tropical Backyard
    Gorgeous View of Tropical Landscaping and Levels of Hardscaping in Luxury Backyard With Swimming Pool and Fire Pit

  • Backyard With Trees
    Backyard With Trees in Center