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  • contemporary beach house with gazebo, dock
    Gazebo, Dock Overlooking Water

  • Green Sunken Living Room
    Great Indoor Flow

  • Rustic Pergola and Stone Walkway With Shrubs & Vines
    French-Inspired Home With Rustic Pergola and Stone Walkway

  • Green Space to Play and Sunken Trampoline in Side Yard
    Side Yard with Sunken Trampoline and Green Space to Play

  • Modern Addition Complements Home's Spanish Style
    Wood Accents Complement Spanish Style in Modern Addition

  • Baby Shower in front of Airstream Trailer
    Throw a Family-Friendly BabyQ Shower

  • Contemporary Blue Bedroom With Rustic Touches
    Blue Contemporary Bedroom

  • A smart studio under the carport.
    Smart Studio

  • Spectacular outdoor entertainment spaces are created through a building/landscaping renovation
    Ranch house courtyard to be renovated as outdoor space

  • Mediterranean Back Exterior With Patio & Mosaic Tile Hot Tub
    Infinity Spa and Lounge Patio