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  • Synthetic Grass on a Condo Roof
    Hot in Cleveland: Rooftop Artificial Lawn

  • Synthetic Grass in a Tropical Landscape
    Miami Nice: Artificial Lawn in Florida

  • Synthetic Grass in California Backyard
    Outside the Box: Artificial Lawn in Santa Barbara

  • Synthetic Grass for Pet Owners
    Mud, Sweat and Tears: Animal-Friendly Artificial Lawns

  • Lakeside Synthetic Grass
    Way to Go Ohio: Artificial Lawn in Ohio

  • Artificial Grass Around a Pool
    It's a Dry Heat: Artificial Lawn in Arizona

  • Sculptural Water Feature With Artificial Lawn
    Muddy Waters: Artificial Lawn Around a Water Feature

  • Large Artificial Lawn
    Sharing the Green: Artificial Lawn in Ohio Apartment Complex

  • Artificial Grass Accents an Oceanfront Home
    Water, Water Everywhere: Artificial Lawn at a Beachfront Home

  • Synthetic Grass on a Rooftop Patio
    Drinks Are on the House: Artificial Rooftop Lawn in Manhattan

  • Artificial Grass on Rooftop Patio
    Make It Fake: Penthouse Rooftop Lawn in Tennessee

  • Outdoor Lounge Area with Artificial Turf
    Artificial Turf in Urban Backyard

  • Brownstone Yard
    Brownstone Yard With Raised Garden

  • Fake Grass at a Beachfront Home
    Ferry Tales: Artificial Grass in Guana Cay

  • Mediterranean-Style Home With Artificial Lawn
    Just the Facts: Pros of Artificial Grass

  • Synthetic Lawn in South Florida
    Sunshine State: No Water Necessary With Artificial Grass

  • Extravagant Water Feature Surrounded by an Artificial Lawn
    Midnight at the Oasis: Artificial Grass in Arizona

  • Artificial Lawn in Georgia
    Water Wars: Artificial Grass in a Georgia Backyard