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  • black and white living room with fireplace
    Original Architecture

  • Neutral, Modern Living Space
    Butterfly House - Feldman Architecture

  • Scottsdale Area Association of REALTORS® Exterior
    Venue8600 Features Stunning Contemporary Architecture

  • Large Cactus Landscape Next to a Modern Geometric Home
    Large-Specimen Cacti Support Home's Bold Architecture

  • Bookcase Room Divider
    Bookcase Room Divider

  • Craftsman Farmhouse Exterior In Stone And Brick With Wood Details
    Stone And Brick Craftsman Farmhouse Exterior

  • Garage Apartment Exterior
    Garage Apartment Exterior and Window

  • Pool and Barn Exterior
    Pool and Barn Exterior With Flag

  • White Modern Kitchen With White Cabinets & Barstools
    Simple Modern Kitchen With Outdoor Views

  • Contemporary Ranch Exterior
    Contemporary Ranch Exterior and Front Drive

  • Large Cacti in Front of Stone Home
    Front Cacti Garden Bed Focal Point

  • Mediterranean Courtyard
    Beautiful, Mediterranean Courtyard

  • Brown Modern Outdoor Dining Room
    Modern Outdoor Dining Room in Desert Courtyard

  • Large Cacti Garden Bed With LED Lighting in Front of Modern Home
    Landscape Lighting in Large Cactus Garden Bed

  • Graffiti Inspired Office Dark Slate Gray Wall
    Graffiti Inspired Office Dark Slate Gray Wall

  • Contemporary, Bright Foyer
    Sleek, Contemporary Foyer with Skylights

  • Gray Master Bedroom with Multi-Functional Curtains
    Multi-Functional Curtains in Gray Master Bedroom

  • Master Bedroom with Nightstands
    Nightstands Next to Bed in Master Bedroom